Cementing Services

Eneroil is the largest Indian company providing Cementing Services both Offshore and Onshore for more than a decade.

It is the only 100% Indian company providing offshore cementing services to Oil majors on various offshore rigs.

It employs more than 40 expatriates along with highly qualified Indian engineers to provide the Cementing Services of high standards to its clients.

Eneroil provides modern testing methods to meet the latest American Petroleum Institute (API) specifications and recommended practices. To optimize the results of a cementing treatment, it is important to fully investigate the properties of slurries, flushes and spacers to be used and their interaction with wellbore fluids.

We believe the best possible results can be achieved when the rheology, stability, thickening time, compressive strength development, the filteration loss of the cement slurry are fully evaluated and reviewed. Our cementing laboratory is critical to the success of Eneroil, Here the slurries are carefully designed to match the most demanding applications.

The most important function of oil & gas well primary cementing is to isolate the various formations within the well bore. In others words, the cement must prevent fluids or gases in one particular zone from mingling with those of another. Properly designed and placed cement slurry accomplishes this by creating the necessary seal between the casing and the formation. The cement sheath should prevent migration of gas or fluid through the annular interface as well as through the cement matrix itself.

Eneroil understands oilfield operations and related technology and can act as a technology partner to the operators.

In Eneroil we can design Cement slurry suitable to wide range of well conditions and formation characteristics that occur in the wellbore.

Eneroil has considerable in-house expertise and experience in the design of cement slurries. The Technical manager, laboratory manager, laboratory technician, as well as cementing supervisors, are well trained in the design of, and experienced in the use of, cement slurries using various cement additives.

Eneroil is the leading supplier of cement additives and stimulation products with fully tested and field proven product range which Eneroil supplies to leading oil majors.

Eneroil Cementing laboratory provides modern testing methods to meet the American Petroleum Institute's (API) specifications and recommended practices. Our highly experienced technicians can formulate the cement slurry according to customer’s requirement.


S 24 / S 26 / S 28


Eneroil straight blade solid centralizers provide the right features for getting a good primary cementing job with maximum casing/ wellbore stand off.

Eneroil straight blade solid centralizers are constructed of one piece steel alloy (S 24) high strength corrosion resistant cast aluminium (S 28) and also non sparking zinc alloy (S26).

Eneroil straight blade solid centralizers provide ultimate drag and torque reduction with maximum fluid bypass. With low friction factor Eneroil straight blade solid centralizers withstand high wellbore temperatures while providing maximum horizontal standoff.

Eneroil centralizers are wellhead friendly and have high impact with shock resistance, along with optimum tensile and yield strength.

S 23 / S 25 / S 27


Eneroil Spiral Blade Solid Centralizers were developed in response to the need for better cementing in highly deviated and horizontal wells. Eneroil Spiral Blade Solid Centralizers are designed to provide optimum flow area. The 360 degrees overlapping solid vane provide maximum wall contact and fluid swirl. Reduced flow area between the spiral blades produces a vortex motion of the fluids for more fluid velocity with direction.

Eneroil Spiral blade Solid Centralizer is made of steel (S 23), high strength corrosion resistant cast aluminium (S 27) and also non sparking zinc alloy (S 25). The 30° slope of the vane end reduce drag and aids the casing in reaching TD.

This gentle flow from the body to the height of the vane will eliminate scraping, gouging or digging into the formation and consequently reduce balling between the vanes. Eneroil Spiral Blade Solid Centralizer has high impact and shock resistance combined with tensile and yield strength as well as resists corrosion.

Our Solid centralizer is an enhanced alternative to Spir-o-lizer.