Cementing Software

A successful cement job results in complete zonal isolation while saving time and money. To achieve these goals, various factors such as well security, casing centralization, mud removal, and gas migration must be included in the design. Temperature must be accurately predicted to properly design the fluid and eliminate excessive time spent waiting on cement. In addition, a post job analysis is necessary to ascertain zonal isolation and avoid unnecessary remedial work.


Eneroil engineers use Cementing Software for design and evaluation software to design, simulate, and optimize primary and plug cementing jobs. Cementing Software can design all primary land or offshore cementing operations, from large-diameter surface casing to the deepest liners.

Cementing Software improves well security by reducing risks during the cementing job. The application optimizes pipe standoff and helps to calculate an optimum displacement of mud and preflushes (mud removal and cement placement) to reduce the risks of channeling and microannulus (zonal isolation).

Cementing Software improves the success rate of your primary cementing jobs and reduces well costs by :

  • Ensuring well security
  • Eliminating gas migration
  • Providing efficient mud removal
  • Giving squeeze/no squeeze check
  • Optimizing centralization
  • Reducing waiting-on-cement time

Integrated software simulates all aspects of a cement job.

Simulations increase cement job success rate and reduce well cost. Pre-job risk assessment increases safety. Post-job analysis using actual job data helps achieve future improvements.


Caliper and directional survey data optimize casing centralization. Temperature simulation optimizes cement wait time while avoiding premature setting risk.