The most important function of oil and gas well primary cementing is to isolate the various formations within the well bore.

If casing strings are cemented off-centre, there is a high risk that a channel of drilling fluid or contaminated cement will be left where the casing contacts the formation,creating an imperfect seal which can result in gas or oil migration from one zone to another.

The major function of the centralizer is to keep the casing in the centre of the hole and to prevent it from lying against the wall.Centralizers either have hinged collars and bows or integral bows and collars which go around the casing and push it away from the borehole wall in all directions.A centralizer is a device fitted with a hinged collar & bows to keep the casing or liner in the centre of the wellbore.

By maintaining an optimum standoff Centralizer keeps the Casing or liner in the centre of the well bore ensuring a uniform sheath of cement around the casing string.

All Eneroil centralizer provide optimum standoff under different well conditions due to their robust design suitable for specific well conditions, bow centralizers perform exceeding well in vertical wells, and Eneroil Solid centralizers perform exceedingly well in conditions where pipe is to be rotated or reciprocated or where enhanced fluid circulation is required or in ERD well conditions where excessive side loads are anticipated thus Eneroil centralizer provide enhanced results against all these factors. Improved standoff quickly translates into improved cementing.

Eneroil is offering a full variety of centralizers designed to ensure enhanced performance for specificwell conditions encountered during cementing process.Eneroil centralizers ensure:

  • Optimum standoff under different well conditions
  • Aids in creating a perfect seal between casing and wellbore
  • Prevents gas migration during Cementation
  • Aids pipe centralization
  • Better cement sheath around casing
  • Smooth reciprocation & RIH
  • Aids pipe rotation
  • Enhanced fluid circulation
  • Well clean-out
  • Drag and Torque reduction during casing running


We are offering full range of centralizers which include

  • Non weld bow centralizers
  • Welded bow centralizers
  • Single piece gliders
  • Turbolizer
  • Positive centralizers
  • Semi rigid centralizer
  • Spiraslider
  • Heavy duty spiraslider
  • Solid Aluminium Alloy Centralizer
  • Solid Zinc alloy centralizer
  • Solid steel centralizer
  • Roller centralizer