Single Piece Centralizer

Single piece Spring CentralizerEneroil has a fully equipped design team with experts having vast experience of Oil and Gas Drilling and Centralizer manufacturing and design who are working to offer newer and more efficient solutions for meeting customer requirements. As part of this endeavor Eneroil is offering its Single piece Bow Centralizer.

This is first time in the world that Eneroil has offered a Centralizer made of special steel. In single piece Bow Centralizer, Bows and end collar are formed of continuous sheet of special steel, from this sheet bows are formed using high precision laser cutting and as a last step end collars are welded using high precision robotic welding.

In conventional bow centralizer spring action of bows essential for restoring force comes from the special steel material, these bows are either locked or welded with end collars made of mild steel. During casing running and reciprocation joint of bow with end collar faces maximum stress due to drag and torque force and there is always apprehension of bows opening and getting struck in the well. As there is no weld between bow and end collar in a single piece centralizer, chances of bow breaking and damaging the well are reduced to zero.

Due to absence of weld there is zero chance for bows opening and getting struck in the well which prevents loss of rig time.

Advantage of Single Piece Centralizer:

The design of S-12 is optimized for one particular pipe-size/hole-size combination. This results a high restoring force while keeping running forces low. Due to the smooth design and the optimized centralizer performance, the S-12 is an ideal solution for application in which drag forces need to be minimized, e.g. for extended reach wells (ERD) and horizontal well applications.

Eneroil’s model S-12 has single piece construction in special steel which gives excellent hardness and spring action ensuring an unmatched ability to come back to its original shape. It can easily pass through highly constricted space and come back to its original shape, thus giving excellent standoff in open hole. It is able to minimize gas channeling as it ensures uniform sheet of cement around cased hole.

Most suitable for highly deviated conditions like ERD wells.