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Slip-on Welded Centralizers with Turbo Fins

Model : S34

Slip on Welded Centralizers with Turbo Fins

Eneroil’s Slip on Welded Centralizers with Turbo Fins are available in the size range 2 7/8" to 20",
The centralizers have bow springs strongly welded to the single piece end collars under required temperature conditions with correct grade electrode. Premium quality Bows made of special alloy steel with uniform hardness provides optimum performance.It has to be slipped on the casing pipe from one end at the time of installation.

Performance Features

  • Slip on welded centralizer with turbo fins are easy to install on the casing rack.
  • Designed for high restoring force combined with low starting force for centralizing the casing pipe in vertical, deviated and horizontal wells.
  • Special Turbo fins provided on the bows creates turbulence during cementing improving the placement of cement slurry.
  • Bows are welded to slip on end collar providing better structural robustness , can withstand more side and lateral loads and can be configured for any hole dia from choice of five standard bow heights for optimum starting and restoring forces.
  • Used in conditions requiring extra fluid movement and distribution of cement slurry.


  • Slip on welded Centralizers with Turbo Fins are available in the size range 2 7/8" to 20"
  • Any special sizes or combination can available on request.

Recommended For Use With

  • Hinged Stop Collar – S 60
  • Hinged Spiral Nail Stop Collar – S 61 / S 62
  • Stop Collar with Set Screw –S65